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List of Financial Assistance for Diploma & Bachelor Students in Malaysia

By November 1, 2018January 31st, 2020No Comments

Below is the list of available financial assistance offered by public organisations in Malaysia. The Financial aids below are offered only to Malaysians from Diploma until post-graduate students


PTPTN’s main objective is to ensure that no student is left behind in the higher education due to financial reasons.

• Must be a Malaysian citizen
• 45 years old and below
• Must have an offer to study at an institution of higher learning (both public and private institutions)
• Course that is approved and accredited by MQA
• The remaining period of study must not be less than one year
• No other sponsors
• Must have an SSPN-i savings account before sending the application.

MARA Study Loan

MARA introduced MARA Study Loan Programmes or Skim Pinjaman Pelajaran (SPiP) in 1966 when it was formed. Students have to apply to the respective institutions before applying for the loan.

• Must be a Malaysian citizen with bumiputera status
• At least credits in Bahasa Melayu at SPM/SPMV level.
• No other sponsors
• Private institutions of higher learning that are recognized by Private Education Division, MOE.
• The annual joint income of the parents or spouses must not exceed RM80,000.

Yayasan Bank Rakyat’s Pinjaman Pendidikan Boleh Ubah (PPBU)

PPBU is for those who want to pursue tertiary level education and its main objective is to help needy students to receive undergraduate education at local Public or Private Higher Learning Institutions and Training Institutes in the country on a full-time basis.

Malaysian citizen
• NOT less than 18 years old during application and acceptance of the study offer.
• NOT exceeding 30 years old upon graduation for Skills Certificate, Diploma and Bachelors Degree.
• Confirmation of admission from the public or private University or Training Centre.
• Applicants must have a Bank Rakyat savings account with a minimum of RM100 account balance.
• Only fields of studies which are recognized by the JPA/ MQA/ Government Agencies concerned and acknowledged by the Board of Trustees of YBR.

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