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Course Fees

RM 18 000

Course Duration

12 Months

Course Mode

Mix Mode

This 12 months, non-MQA programme is designed specifically for education professionals who needs access to knowledge on how to train children to be smart mentally by using 3 Aims, 6 Speeds, 8 Strengths technique. Targeted professionals are Kindergarten Teacher, Kids Enrichment Centre Teacher, Brain Power Development Training Facilitator, Brain Power Development Training Facilitator, Program Franchiser, Youth Camp Facilitator, Immediate Job Placement after graduate. It is co-delivered by our partner institution, TCSM Academy Sdn Bhd (TCSM Brain Power Development Training). The training attained from this programme is not only able to skill up the relevant working professionals but also to equip them with the right mindset on seeking the right methods to help the needed children. The Executive Master will be focusing more on train the trainer in which the students will be developed as Master Trainer in our programme.

  • Methodologies in stimulating children’s brains functions to gain better I.Q development.
  • Methodologies in speed reading
  • Speed writing
  • Speed memorizing
  • Speed counting as well as possessing better response
  • Observation
  • High creativity and reasoning ability
  • Intelligence Assessment
  • Centre Management Skills
  • UEC, SPM, SKM, 5-7 years of related working experience or equivalent
    qualification, completed Professional Diploma and Executive Degree or equivalent certification.
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Kids Enrichment Centre Operator
  • IQ Assessor
  • Brain Power Development Training Facilitator
  • Program Franchiser
  • Youth Camp Facilitator
  • Brain Power Development Training Program Designer
  • Brain Power Development Training Master Trainer
  • Immediate Job Placement after graduate

Joint Deliver Programme by GUC-PROLEARN &
MASDEA Authorize Academy : TCSM Development Sdn Bhd (TCSM Brain Power Development Training) (002020306-D)
Whatsapp / Call : 016-3388380 (Dr Ada Cheng)