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Approval Code



PA 10839

Course Duration

1.0 – 2.0 Years

Course Mode

Full Time / Part Time

The introduction of the Master in Education (MEd) program would enable the younger and working knowledge generation to be equipped with educational activities and capabilities to cater to the demands for expertise and professionals in the market. The demand for skilled workers and experts in the education world is expected to escalate in the coming years. The Master of Education (MEd) program is designed especially in management skills to develop students’ individual skills necessary for solving educational problems, teaching management, supervision, administration, institutional leadership, community, and meet school system needs and expectations.

The role of research and development in the social studies is important for the perpetuation of human knowledge as well as the development of our nation. Research in educational management, instructional design and motivation has produced many applications to help solve problems in these fields. For Malaysia to attain the status of a developed nation, effective development in research of education and humanities is imperative. The program also provides further education opportunity for GUC Master degree holders to pursue a higher level of the academic program.

First Semester

  • Technology & Innovation In Adult Learning
  • Educational Research
  • Fundamental Of Instructional Technology
  • Educational Assessment
  • Introduction Integrating Technology In Education

Second Semester

  • Issues & Trends In Instructional Technology
  • Supervision & Instructional Leadership In Education
  • Integrating Technology Across The Curriculum
  • Instructional Design & Development
  • Technology Tools For 21st Century Teaching

Third Semester

  • Elective I
  • Elective II
  • Project Paper


  • Theories Of Human Development
  • Educational Psychology
  • The Psychology Of Learning & Behaviour
  • Curriculum Approaches
  • Curriculum Issues & Trends
  • Policy Studies For Educational Leaders

Local Admission

To apply for the Master program, you must have completed:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (Phase 6, KKM) with a minimum CGPA of 2.50 or equivalent, as received by the PPT Senate; or
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Level 6, KKM) or equivalent but not achieved CGPA 2.50 can be admitted subject to a minimum of Five (5) years working experience in the relevant field.
  • Other recognized qualifications equivalent to it by the Government of Malaysia

International Admission

The English Language Entry Requirement for International Student at GEOMATIKA University College are as follows:

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – Band 5.5
TOEFL: Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) – Score 450

** For students who do not have the above English Qualification, they must undergo Geomatika College International’s English Program


Employment opportunities are available as per the following :

  • Educationist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Children’s Home Helper
  • Creative Writer
  • Children’s Events Organizer
  • Teacher