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Melaka Biotechnology Corporation Visit to UGMM Retort Factory

January 09, 2024

The biotechnology industry significantly contributes to the well-being of human beings. The continuous progress in biotechnology holds the potential to address global challenges and improve the quality of life for individuals around the world.

Educating students about the potential of biotechnology to address these challenges prepares them to contribute to solutions that benefit society, and ethical responsibility among the future leaders of the biotechnology industry.

In connection with that, the Universiti Geomatika Malaysia Melaka (UGMM) received a visit from a representative of the Melaka Biotech Corporation (MBC) yesterday. This visit was attended by Prof Datuk Sr Dr. Mohaizi Mohamad, the President of Geomatika Edu Group, and Ms Tee Mei Ghee, Chief Executive Officer of MBC, to discuss some possible directions and collaborations. May everything be simplified to realize this joint venture!