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MoA Signing Ceremony Between Geomatika University College (GUC) & Akademi Magnet Sukses (AMS)

10 January 2020 – Geomatika University College (GUC) today signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Akademi Magnet Sukses (AMS) to foster mutual understanding in research, development and education for the programme of Diploma in Broadcast Journalism that offered by Faculty of Creative and Innovative Technology (FACIT).

Geomatika was represented by Dean of the FACIT, Associate Prof. Dr. Wan Su Emi Yusnita and Associate Prof Dr Ghassan Salleh. The Akademi Magnet counterpart was Tuan Amin Idris and his personal assistances.

This MoA would enhance cooperation between Geomatika and Akademi Magnet Sukses in academic and research in the field of Broadcast Journalism.

Both parties also agreed to strengthen communication between the two to exchange expertise and experiences in broadcasting, TV presenting, mainstream media, content creating and professional training.

According to the faculty dean, “Following the signing ceremony of the MoA, there will be more elaborate discussions and activities conducted by both parties”.

However, Tuan Amin Idris said, the main purpose of having the MoU is to produce graduates who are ready for real workplace. TV presenting is one of the important skills that this broadcast journalism students will need to possess. With the institution support, he also ready to give lectures and special course in hosting / Pentauliahan HOST Professional to Broadcasting students in Geomatika once in each semester of study.

With this he has shared his message to the public in social media welcoming and encouraging SPM graduates to study in broadcast journalism formally at the university level.

In his text he said “Parents who still wondering where their kids are going to learn for further studies, please take advantage of this space & opportunity given in Geomatika”.

For more info about this collaboration,stay tune in insta, FB Bro Amin Idris & and Youtube Channel #TheAminIdrisShow.


Written by;

Yugeetha Balan