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MOU Signing Ceremony with Terbang Logistics Sdn Bhd

Terbang Logistics Sdn Bhd was founded in 1980, specialist in crime scene investigation. This year, Terbang Logistics Sdn Bhd is now 38 years old. According to the director of Terbang Logistics Sdn Bhd, Mr Robert Tang that most of the staff at Terbang Logistics Sdn Bhd were well trained in America, United States.

Geomatika University College (GUC) had a great pleasure to welcome the delegates of Terbang Logistic Sdn Bhd, Mr Robert Tang (Director), Mr Desmond Tang, Mr Periyasamy and Mrs Idayu. Geomatika University College signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to continue a working relationship with Terbang Logistic Sdn Bhd, a well-known company that provide with crime scene investigation courses.

Geomatika University College will going to offer a new course which is Bachelor (Hons) Information Technology (Cyber security). With this agreement, Terbang Logistic Sdn Bhd will facilitate GUC in the purchase of SIRCHIE equipment and other materials and in the delivery of lectures, should the need arises. GUC also offers other courses of studies such as computer science, beauty, fashion, land surveying and many more. To browse other courses, please visit list of courses offered by Geomatika UC.

The agreement runs from 2018 to 2021 to advance the university and its students by providing appropriate and quality learning. Terbang Logistic Sdn Bhd will provide a proper career information, hands on learning experience, job-specific training, forensic fingerprint development training for the student sharpen their skills during studies and to prepare them for employment.

Geomatika University College hopes with this collaboration will provide and give a win-win situation for the both parties.