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Orientation Week

New student orientation programs are designed to guide students to start their new adventure in GUC. Prior to the beginning of academic classes, students are given an overview of the complete experience from academic to social activities, through a period of a few days referred to as orientation. The orientation program is handled by Student Affairs Department and the purposes of this program are:

  • To introduce students to tertiary level life
  • To brief students on all the procedures related to their studies in GUC
  • To familiarise the students with the portal and Geo Learning Management System for academic support through hands-on training.
  • To acclimatise students to their new surrounding
  • To provide opportunity for the University members to meet the newest addition to the community
  • To introduce the amazing places and activities accessible in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

The orientation program offers students the opportunity to become acquainted with GUC, its staff, fellow students, courses, facilities, and environment. It is also an opportune time for students to make new friends, learn their way around campus and get to know the social and sporting clubs and societies that may interest them.

Early Entry Program (EEP)

EEP is a preparatory program before new students enter their first academic semester. The program usually takes from 1 to 3 weeks. EEP modules aim to:

  • Increase the proficiency of English usage among the students for tertiary level usage (writing reports, communication etc.).
  • Develop mental strength and self-awareness to prepare the students for higher education journey.
  • Provide exposure to the students towards their future career. During EEP, students can still make changes on which program they would like to enroll in.
  • Sharpen students’ skills on basic computer applications for report writing and presentations.
  • Introduce Kuala Lumpur City including the public transportation system and other amenities around the campus.
  • Develop teamwork and camaraderie among new students, existing students and the management.

Upon completion of the program, students will receive competency certificates. The EEP program fees are fully covered by Yayasan Geomatika.