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Approval Code



PA 9564

Course Duration

3 – 6 Years

Course Mode

Full Time / Part Time

A PhD in law can open doors to rewarding careers in teaching law and legal research. This programme is an excellence choice for individuals looking for diversity and a chance to explore alternate career paths within the field of law. The candidates are required to prepare a viable ‘research proposal’ in accordance with the guidelines and format as prescribed by the faculty and the university. The degree is awarded based on the successful completion of a supervised research and assessed by a thesis and viva voce examination.

All PhD students are assigned to senior research supervisor (s) who will have the appropriate title and/or methodological expertise to support the research project being undertaken. We offer supervision in most subject areas of law, and also for interdisciplinary project which have legal aspect to them. Throughout the duration of study student will develop a strong working relationship with concern supervisors and they will provide ample assistance and support needed to undertake the research.

First Semester

  • RES 5001 Research Methodologyy
  • LLM5113 Malaysian Legal System
  • THS5000 Thesis

Second Semester

  • THS5000 Thesis

Third Semester

  • THS5000 Thesis

To apply for the PhD program in the Iqra Business School, you must have completed:

  • (i) A Bachelor’s Degree in Law AND a Master’s Degree in Law; or
  • (ii) Other qualification equivalent to a master’s degree that are accepted by the SenateNote:International students are required to have a score of 600 for Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) OR 100 for online TOEFL test OR a score of 6.0 for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) OR its equivalent.


A PhD in law can open doors to rewarding careers in teaching law and legal research. For individuals hoping for diversity and a chance to explore alternate career paths within the field of law, a PhD is a good option. Some of the major benefits of pursuing a doctorate in law include:

• An opportunity to teach law at the university level and promote the development of this academic field alongside your usual practice. In the competitive job market nowadays, a simple LL.B or LL.M alone might not be enough to score rewarding positions.

• A PhD in law program is designed exclusively to prepare prospective students for careers in law, whereby they can study and teach jurisprudence. What is distinctive about the doctorate program in law is that it’s designed specifically to prepare students for the legal field, rather than a teaching opportunity in another field.

• Earning a PhD in law means that you are an expert in your field. A qualification such as this can increase your job prospects and you can look for careers in niche law firms and other organizations.

• A PhD degree entails extensive research work as well as attending conferences. Through with these conferences, individuals get a chance to network and make important contacts with other professionals in their field.

In addition, with a Ph.D in Law, students can pursue business law careers with legal agencies, corporations, nonprofit organizations, business consulting firms, financial institutions, insurance companies and business, trade regulation organizations, academician, and legal researcher.