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Preparing for Online Final Exam: Useful Tips

For some students, taking online final exam might be a new experience. It may be a little confusing too as students do not know what to expect and how to prepare for it!

Here are some tips which will help students ace their examination:

Before the final exam:

Know the test format – Be sure to ask your lecturers about the types of questions that will be asked in the exams – Multiple Choice questions (MCQs), short-answer questions or essays/ will it be combination of different types of questions?

Check the test parameters – Its better for you to check with your lecturers on: How long is the exam, Can you log in and log out? Can you skip questions and return to them later? Is it an open-book exam?

Check your laptop/ computer – Avoid last minute problems! Make sure your laptop/ computer is functioning well. Ensure that your laptop is fully charged. (Keep your charger fitted so that you can turn it on anytime)

Plan your time – Always plan to take the exam at a time during the day that you are most alert so that you can focus well.

Identify a suitable spot – Make sure you choose a spot at home where there is a minimal distraction. If possible, try to put your phone in silent mode and shut off the TV and radio. Make sure to be in a location with excellent internet connection.

Inform your family & roommates – Let your family members and roommates know that you will be taking your examination so that they are less likely to interrupt/ distract you during that time.

Study in advance – Many students assume that since it’s an online exam, they do not need to study because they can easily find the answers online. Many students fail to understand that the time taken to find for answers from their notes cuts down on the time taken to actually complete the exam. Therefore, please study your notes & materials before the exam so that you can utilize the exam duration efficiently!

Organize your resources – Suppose it’s an open book exam, keep your resources highlighted and tagged so that you can find the material you might need during the exam easily and quickly. Keep your calculator with you if you have any calculation-based questions!

During the final exam:

Read the instructions cautiously – Be sure to read and carefully understand the question. Remember the format may vary depending on the exam!

Do not copy and paste – Copy and pasting directly from the internet sources or notes are considered plagiarism. You may be penalized for your act. Therefore, avoid this!

Save your answers frequently – Click save after every attempt. This will be extremely helpful if you encounter technical problems during the exam or if you encounter issues while submitting your answers.

Do not panic – Suppose you encounter any technical problems during the exam, please do not panic! Contact your lecturer immediately and inform about the problem that you have encountered. You may provide a screenshot as well so that they understand your problem.

Check before you submit – Ensure that you have answered all the questions and they are in appropriate format. Look out for spelling and grammatical errors.

Don’t forget to submit – Before your leave the exam, do not forget to click ‘submit’.