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Productive GUC Retreat 2020

11 January 2020 – Geomatika Universiti College (GUC) has organised Retreat 2020 at Philea Resort, Sri Kembangan Selangor. A total of 54 participants attended and participated in the program. There were 13 speakers from every faculty presented their plans. The program held from 8.15am until 6.00pm.

The purpose of the Retreat 2020 is to expose all the staffs to a strategic action plan involving the implementation of projects and programs under the GUC from 2020 to 2025. It will also help all GUC staffs to focus more on improving each department and faculty so that it functions in line with the challenges of 2020-2025.

This 2020 retreat is also a platform for GUC academic and non-academic staffs to present their research papers that help to create a better plan for the future of the GUC. Planning from the presented papers can also serve as a KPI guide for GUC staffs in 2020.

Among the topics presented in the retreat are are Framework for strengthening & global branding – Prof Mohaizi, Towards high performance organisational management – PM Nazirah, Institutional preparation in embracing disruptive technologies: Forefront in digital transformation – Pm Dr Wan Su, Establishing GUC as premier high tech university & future course – Dr Azahari, Strengthening Industrial And Regional Collaboration – Dr Syed Helmi, Future marketing – Pm Mazrin, Branding – PM Momin, Next gen business model for GUC – Mr Dinesh, Geomatika smart educational campus – Dr Ghassan, R & C (MyRA) – Towards five star research – PM Laila, Education 4.0 the future of learning – Pm Isma, COPTPA implementation and way forward – Pm Firdaus and ODL & flexible open courses – Pm Salamiah.

These retreats really precede way for all the lecturers to work efficiently towards the target goals and also exchange knowledge sharing that improves communication and stimulate innovation and growth among employees in GUC both intradepartmental and interdepartmental.

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