Prof. Dr. K.Saminathan

Prof Dr K. Saminathan, is of India origin was the dean of Faculty of Bioeconomics & Health Sciences (FABHS). Geomatika has awarded Professorship for his contribution and long life services to Pharmaceutical education sector in 2015. He has also received his outstanding researcher award, for his most contributions in the research area.

One of the reasons that made Prof Sami decide to come to Malaysia which was the international platform that enabled him to experience unique cultures from various countries around the world. Moreover, he feels Malaysia as his home due to similar cultural elements that he shared with local Indians here.

He said that during his time in Geomatika, he was exposed to a lot of opportunities and was able to work in different fields to gain more knowledge relevant to his studies. He has his own freedom and scope to work independently in Geomatika.

“I never had this opportunity anywhere else than in Geomatika.

I received job opportunities from Oman and Malaysia. I decided to come to Malaysia because I know here I can stay like how I was in my homeland. That’s the beauty of Malaysia. Offer from Geomatika comes after some time, I think I have taken right decision by choose to work here. I’m satisfied with my job”, he elaborated.

Prof Sami is an established professor and researcher in the field of Pharmacology. He has participated in National and International level conference, seminars, workshops, research presentation and scientific paper and book presentation and publication. He has published 3 high impact papers in his area. He also gained 1 recognition patent from the official patent office, Kolkata for his invention. Other than researching he also has his interest in writing poems. Currently, he actively writes poems in Tamil. During his free time, he likes to attend Indian events to expose him to many people around, so that he can build his network.

“Health is for all. Love is god”,

are the words of wisdom and his definition for his success throughout his life journey. He who targeted for medicine students to join the field of pharmacology offered in Geomatika. He also would like to have his own research Centre in his faculty that can promote and support those faculty activities. “Through this research Centre, we can establish collaboration with local, regional and international research organizations in the pursuit for excellence in pharmacology research in the country”, he mentioned.
He also said that Geomatika is definitely one of the best Universities for providing many expertise and dedicated lecturers, vibrant environment and pastoral care for students.