Prof. Dr. Khairi Ahmed

Prof Dr. Khairi Ahmed of a native Libyan is the senior lecturer in IQRA business school managing Diploma, Degree and MBA and even PHD students. He started to teach in Geomatika in 2015. He worked in Lincoln University 2014 as part time lecturer previously.

He enjoys teaching and he likes the staffs because they are like same family in IQRA business. They are here for 10 years and they work very fast and efficient.  At the same time they are professionals.

Prof Khairi also involves in publishing papers and he attends international conference. He believes involving students in activities would bridge gap between lecturers and students.

“My students are my friends. I used to bring students out. We are getting closer with students”

, he said. This actually resembles his initiative to maintain good relationship and bond with students. Currently there are 189 MBA students in IQRA business school. Most of them are international students. Prof Khairi said he has more than 65 international students for MBA. He teaches four subjects every semester. We have mid-term exam, final year exam and thesis writing. Although he find it challenging but still he manages well for Geomatika.

In future he hope that many programs will be introduced in FACIT and VISA issues for students can be cleared soon in 2020, in terms of students no need struggle with many immigration issues. He is someone who gives priority and attention for student’s welfare.

Prof Khairi is a father for 5 kids and he find safe to stay in Malaysia.

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