Prof. Dr. Nahg Abdul Majid Alawi Hussein

Prof. Dr. Nahg Abdul Majid is the new dean in IQRA Business School Geomatika. He has travel around the world to complete his undergraduate and postgraduate studies.  He first started his career as an accountant in National bank of Yemen for 2 years and was also doing part time lecturing.

He enjoys teaching more than real accountant. He then later went into teaching for full time. He said working in Geomatika is interesting and exciting for the reason he has enough freedom and space to do his work.

Prof Dr. Nahg

For the first time,

“When I was started with Geomatika, I was started with MBA level and it was very challenging for me to teach MBA level. MBA level is more advance and students with experience. This is the first challenging different experience I had teaching high level. And I enjoyed it now more than teaching degree. You feel you are very much comfortable teaching adults”,

said Prof Nahg. Some of the subjects he teaches in Geomatika are managerial and financial accounting, financial and project management and research methodology.

One of the big challenges for me is dealing with different nationalities. He finds working with different culture and background is beyond shadow of questioning.

“Number 1, in our culture if you are lecturer, you have to be there any time for the students. Number 2 is dealing students with different culture. I mean when I start teaching here in Geomatika, especially in our MBA programme we have different students from different background. Class with different culture and background is very challenging”, he said.  Balancing between different levels is very challenging. He said there are students from many countries like from Somalia, Bangladesh, Libyan and Egypt and he feels he knows many culture. “I get to know different cultural background of people. Sometimes students were surprised when I know well about their culture. Travelling to other countries helps me to learn many things about people and their culture”, he added.

For him, in teaching you have to love teaching.

He enjoys students asking questions to him.

Real industry work is very tough compare with teaching where you have to deal with humans not with papers and numbers. “When you go to class, you have to forget all your problems out of mind. You have smile. All this body language will affect them”, he said enthusiastically.

A person who loves to read, because it’s part of job. He loves to read history, countries and other subjects. He wants to know more about the student’s country, so he can impress the students.  He hopes to bring more programmes in IQRA business school like finance, marketing, international business, accounting and management for masters level. He who is a strong team player with remarkable interpersonal skills believes we can only can succeed with team.
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