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Skill Code


Course Fees

RM 6688

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Mode

Face to Face

Beauty Sculpture(FACE) recently is a beauty project that many artist prefer instead of normal facial. Beauty Sculpture define as without any tools but only hands, we can restructure a human face by relocate improper face bone making them look stunning.
This 2 days program will teach about analysis of body alignment such as pelvic, shoulder, neck which will effect the balancing of face bone. Beyond that, we will provide easy adjustment learning method to help you learn faster and whole process is in safe and painless way.
By using Beauty Sculpture(Face) adjustment method, we can structure a high nose, big eye, v face, slim neck and etc. Beauty Sculpture(Face) can be apply to anyone any gender. This course is a must learn course because you will find out the miracle of changing a person look with only your hands. Enhance the beauty of every person is a wonderful job in the meanwhile also enhance your job with a wonderful income.

  • Bone Structure Of Face
  • Analysis Position Of Pelvic ,Back And Face
  • Technique Of Face Restructure
  • Face Alignment
  • Brow Alignment
  • Nose
  • V Shape
  • Eyes
  • Cheek
  • Chin
  • Beautician, Basic Massage Skill Knowledge or Not
  • Can start your own business immediate after learning
  • Can be a teacher
  • Can own a shop

Joint Deliver Programme by GUC-PROLEARN &
MASDEA Authorize Academy : MAKE STUDIOS
Whatsapp / Call :0139088665 (MONICS AW)