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Seminar on STEAM Early Childhood Education

By January 28, 2020January 31st, 2020No Comments

A seminar on STEAM Early Childhood Education was successfully conducted on the 18th January 2020 at Indasari Hall, Geomatika University College (GUC). This 1-day seminar which was organized by the Faculty of Education, Humanities and Foundation Studies (FEHUF) was attended by 178 participants from various states of Malaysia. The primary objective of the seminar which was to enhance knowledge on STEAM education among Early Childhood educators, parents and the public was successfully achieved. STEAM education is an educational approach which incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding students’ inquiry, creativity and critical thinking.

The seminar was filled with diverse compilations of well-known experts who delivered fascinating presentations. The insightful presentation by Puan Jameyah Sheriff unveiled the feasibility of Eco-education and their wide applications whereas the presentation by Prof Madya Dr Salamiah exposed the participants with the flexibility of ODL Early Childhood education in GUC. The much-awaited forum session was moderated by Puan Norhayati Karno and the panels for the session were Prof Dr Mahani Razali and Puan Hajjah Zaharah Awang.

It was indeed an interesting session which enlightens the participants on creation of young generation who can think critically and creatively. They also highlighted on the importance of STEAM education in producing future generations that are innovative and creative. This was followed by an interactive workshop session by the popular speaker Cikgu Shamizan Shafea who exposed the participants on how to incorporate the elements of music and arts in STEAM education. The participants were overwhelmed by the concepts and teaching methods shared by Cikgu Shamizan. He also introduced various creative techniques that could be applied by the educators in classes to attract the attention of young children.

The participants gave excellent feedbacks on the content of the seminar and they were glad to be part of the seminar as it was a chance for them to meet the well-known speakers, especially Prof Dr Mahani and Cikgu Shamizan with whom they have been in contact through social medias. Many participants took the opportunity to grab some photos with these speakers at the end of the seminar. The organizing committee and GUC would like to thank the participants for their support throughout the event and is hoping to organize more events like this in the future.

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