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Study Pathway With Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the use of biological knowledge to develop new processes and products for the use in industry, health, agricultural and other areas of human technology. The biotechnology course will provide student with training in relevant discipline area such as agricultural technology, food technology, molecular biotechnology, biomedical technology and environmental biotechnology. For students who are interested in biotechnology field, study in biotechnology discipline is also available at different level of education:

Diploma in Biotechnology

Diploma in Biotechnology is a course that is designed for local candidates that have successfully completed their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) and for international candidates with any equivalent qualifications recognized by Malaysia Government. This course provides basic concept of biological molecule, plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology and environmental biotechnology for candidates to learn, understand, discover and experience. In general, Diploma in Biotechnology is a study of a foundational knowledge, skill and competence in relevance to various aspects of biotechnology. For those who love biology, technology and nature, Diploma in Biotechnology is the right pathway for you to start your higher education.

Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology

Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology is an interesting course that is suitable for candidates that have successfully completed their STPM, matriculation or diploma studies and have a strong interest in working with industry related to the application of technology to improve biological system. This entry level works includes biomedical engineer, food scientist, microbiologist, plant and soil scientist, agricultural engineer and environmental engineer. Because biotechnology is considered as an advanced and sophisticated discipline, this course suits the candidates that have a high adrenaline to explore technology for life improvement.

Master Degree in Biotechnology

Master Degree in Biotechnology allows students to enhance their knowledge through a specific curriculum. Master Degree in Biotechnology programme is designed with the objective of training graduates with various specialized discipline including biological sciences, chemical engineering and related medical sciences for a career in the emerging field of biotechnology. For those who seek for betterment of academic achievement and improvement of knowledge in biotechnology, Master’s Degree in Biotechnology is highly recommended for you to further your study.

PhD Degree in Biotechnology

The doctorate degree is a pinnacle of the biotechnology field. This level of study requires the candidates to have specialization in a research project. The candidates are allowed to propose their research interest, work on their projects and design their own outcome or product from their research findings. Those who are intended to work with in depth research on the application of biotechnology to enhance the value of life or interested to train young minds to produce future biotechnologist, pursuing PhD Degree in Biotechnology is a great decision.

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