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Students Testimonials University of Geomatika Malaysia

“The MBA program at GUC provided me with an integrated curriculum that covers comprehensive disciplines, guides me to real world learning which includes latest business case studies, corporate and governmental lectures, as well as networking events. The GUC MBA program molded my life and career in a manner that helped me confidently reposition my career in the management space.”

Sherif Ibrahim Abdou DesoukyExecutive Manager of Ibrahim Mohammaed Al–Abdou

“GUC environment and individual attention was received by the students from the faculty and administration, the program was well-rounded and introduced me to many concepts that a product development manager should be aware of: operational excellence, market segmentation, strategic positioning, competitive advantages and product differentiation. The MBA at GUC brings a strong basis to face challenges that await us.”

Mohamed Lamine M’bayeDirector of Afrimalin Company

“One of the best opportunities that I have gotten at GUC is to attend a couple of seminars and leadership programs that were held in other universities. By attending the seminar and leadership programs, I got the chance to listen to some of the Malaysian great public speakers, leaders and professors that motivated me, boosted my self-esteem and moved me towards achieving my dream.”

Mahedi HasanMBA Student in GUC

“Local and International students of different cultures and ethnics share the classes together at GUC. So, there are good chances of enhancing the knowledge of other cultures, absorbing their lifestyle and making new friends all over the world. I believe that studying with multicultural international students enlightens us with the idea of globalization and diversity which had been helpful in my studies of business administration in international business. So, it helps me a lot to learn the different business environment of other countries.”

Saif Al MahmudMBA Student in GUC

“I always believe that there are no low quality colleges or universities. The utmost important thing is to never stop asking ourselves what we want to achieve in our FUTURE by applying what we have learnt TODAY. Geomatika University College has provided me with both – changing who I am TODAY and making me strive for my dreams of my FUTURE.”

Nur Athira SamsudinMarketing Officer

“I really love learning at Geomatika University College for there are lots of skill sets and knowledge that I gained from the skilled lecturers. With the support of all these, I managed to secure a job as a lecturer in a Community College.”

Rubinna RahaimiBeauty Lecturer/ Entrepreneur, Community College, Perak

“I had a lot of fun learning accounting in GUC. I was taught by lecturers who are highly experienced and knowledgeable. They shared their knowledge and gave advices on work related matters. It was part of my learning curve which I value the most. Among the learning curves were meetings with new people and also being part of a team that shares the same objective.”

Noremiliadiana binti MustaffaAccount Assistant

“My current post is very similar to the course that I took during my Diploma level studies. I was offered this job post as soon as I finished my internship at the same company – Regency Specialist Hospital – as a Pharmacy Assistant. The course taught by the lecturers at Geomatika University College really helped me in my working environment. The working challenges are huge but I managed to go through them with the help of my colleagues and my own effort.”

Muhammad Hafiz bin AdnanPharmacy Assistant

“Studying Foundation in Science at GUC was enhanced by the systematic system of tutorial classes and laboratory work that support an effective learning experience. Most of the lecturers and staff are very friendly and approachable. One and a half years of preparation and experience provides me a strong knowledge in Science subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics which allows me to further my study in medicine at Kursk State Medical University, Russia. Of course, you yourself do have to study smart as nothing worth having comes easy.”

Muhammad Danish Bin JazlanMedicine Student in Russia

“I have been working here in GUC for 2 years as a lecturer. This job is very challenging to me but it is interesting at the same time. Besides giving lectures in the class, I also organize fun outdoor activities so that students can adapt with the real environment of the workplace in the future.”

Nuraisyah binti Abd RazakTVET Lecturer

“I love my work because it gives me a lot of experience and it is fun. Now, I am working in the government sector. I am really thankful to everyone who has helped me in my career.”

Mohd Aminuddin Mat AlwiDraughtsman

“The knowledge that I gained at GUC really increases my self-esteem when meeting new co-workers and making friends. I really feel the freedom with the working styles here and really enjoy this career. I really hope Allah will fulfill my wish to further my studies at Diploma level!”

Mohamad Khairul bin AbdullahFitter