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Commercial Driven is a concept where the knowledge and skills learned in the UGM is applied in real life projects to be commercialised. Some benefits of adapting this concept are:

  • Bridging the gap to meet current learning needs and industry needs
  • Providing returns in the form of experience or profit to all members of UGM (including students)
  • Ensure that every plan made is a necessity and meets community needs

For this purpose, Geomatika Group has set up a “Corporate & Income Generation” division to manage all of these requirements.

The division is developed to provide and contribute new sources of income to University  of Geomatika Malaysia through its win-win business models.


This section is referring to entities in Geomatika Group whose core business is tertiary education as bound by Act 555. These are the business models involved:

  • Learning Centres
  • Franchise
  • Dual program offerings
  • Short courses registered under MOHE
  • Research either directly under institution or co-venture

Services & Trading

This section is referring to activities under the Holdings. The companies under Holdings are bound under the Company Act. Holdings must have its own Business Council to approve business activities, monitor companies’ performance, to give business direction, and other related tasks to ensure that their targets are met. Specific guidelines are outlined for Directors to operate the companies with good governance.