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The Founder Of Geomatika University College | Geomatika

Prof. Datuk. Sr. Dr. Mohaizi Mohamad

Prof. Sr. Dr. Mohaizi (the founder and President of UGM) has been a consultant on GeoIntelligent Strategic Planning for government organisations for over 20 years with hands-on experience in the field of Land Survey, GIS, GPS, Geomatic, Land Administration, ICT and Multimedia, Strategic Management, Higher Education, as well as TVET. Prof. Mohaizi also has over 20 years of experience in the private tertiary education sector in addition to being a serial entrepreneur.

He founded Geomatika Technology Sdn Bhd, Juruukur Mutiara, Geomatika Universities & Colleges and Accredited Centres in the context to explore opportunities as consultants in Land Survey, GIS, GPS, Geomatic, SDI, Land Administration, ICT and Multimedia and Strategic Management Sectors especially on the reorganisation of high profile Government Department with define concept of SKILLS are more important than technology. The commercial knowledge on wisdom was then utilised by the University College including high end research.

A Message From Founder

Praise to Allah SWT, University of Geomatika Malaysia has achieved a commendable level and the university is progressing well. This is made possible by the spirit of teamwork as well as unwavering support from every staff in the last decade. In 2018, UGM has entered its 15th year of inception and has launched its second stage of strategic plan to achieve the aim of placing Geomatika as the “University of Choice”. By 2020, Geomatika Education Group aims to have more than 7000 students and the optimum ratio of academicians comprising 60% Masters and 20% PhD holders.

Our aspiration and purpose is to produce holistic future graduates that are capable to serve the community cohesively to contribute towards more civilized nation. We systematically engage with all of our stakeholders and build a system to educate and develop our students. Therefore, we hope and trust that our purpose can be achieved, with more success stories to come.

Our strategies are articulated as below:
• Work closely with all our stakeholders in terms of setting real and accurate input, enhancing our program delivery, and increasing our students experience in learning and development.
• Enhance our academic quality and delivery by providing continuous training to our staff (academic and non-academic staff) and encourage life-long learning.
• Nurture and embed entrepreneurship spirit and skills with the goal to produce holistic future graduates that can survive in the challenging and demanding real world.
• Offer soft skills programs continuously to the students as part of their development program to enhance the marketability of students in the industries.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of UGM staff and stakeholders for the support and the burning desire to move forward to achieve Geomatika’s vision and mission through its strategic plan. Together, we can continue to produce quality and holistic future graduates that can serve the community and nation meaningfully.

Prof. Datuk. Sr. Dr. Mohaizi Mohamad