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UGM and Jiangxi University Forge New Academic Partnerships

June 07-12, 2024

The official visit of the University of Geomatika Malaysia (UGM) to Jiangxi University, China, marked a significant milestone in fostering international academic collaboration and cultural exchange.

During this visit, Jiangxi University awarded visiting professorships to two distinguished individuals: Datuk Mazrin Rohizaq Bin Che Rose, Vice President 2 of UGM, and Assoc. Prof. Maminul Islam Momin, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Internationalization and Branding at UGM, in recognition of their exceptional contributions to their respective fields.

This honor acknowledges their expertise and achievements and underscores Jiangxi University’s commitment to enhancing its academic environment through global partnerships. The presence of these esteemed professors is expected to catalyze joint research initiatives, enrich the educational experience for students, and promote a deeper understanding between diverse academic communities. It also highlights the university’s strategic efforts to integrate global perspectives and expertise into its educational framework, advancing its mission of excellence in education and research.