University Services Responsibility

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The Orang Asli community is part of the Bumiputera in the country and they also comprise three tribes namely Negrito, Senoi and Asli Melayu. Each tribe is divided into several ethnic groups and they speak in various languages other than local Malay dialect. Orang Asli has artworks, handicrafts, customs, taboos that are still maintained and practiced so far.

The University Services Responsibility (USR) program under the Faculty Bio-Economic and Health Science project (FaBHS) aims to provide direct exposure to the students about the livelihood of Orang Asli.

The USR program was held with involving 200 students and lecturers, carrying out ‘Gotong Royong” and various activities with the Orang Asli. The community gives a very good response to this program, hopefully such a program can be held every year.

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