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What can I do with a Bachelor Pharmacology?

The Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pharmacology was established in 2017 under the faculty of allied health sciences which later merged into Faculty of Bioeconomics and Health Sciences, Geomatika University College. As the name suggest, this program involve the evaluation of drugs in both preclinical and clinical research. The program structure consists of anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacognosy, animal studies and many more.

This program emphasizes the understanding to the concept of drug action, i.e. pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics, in human body. Other than that student’s ability to identify, propose and execute animal research for drug develop or to improve the safety and effectiveness of drugs will be trained.

Knowledge acquired from this program will provide graduates with problem solving and critical thinking skills to improve the pharmaceutical health care. This in turn will benefits the graduates in the future as the career prospect for BSc (Hons) Pharmacology holder is available in various sectors including both private and government.

A Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pharmacology provides a solid grounding in scientific knowledge and opens up opportunities in a range of careers

Research Sectors

  • University research
  • Research centers and institutes
  • Research officer

Industrial sectors.

  • Quality assurance and control
  • Pharmaceutical and vaccine industries
  • Product specialist
  • Pharmaceutical research


  • Lecturers
  • Medical underwriter
  • Bioinformatics

You can apply for Bachelor of Science (Hons) Pharmacology now. Geomatika University College also offers various field of studies. To browse other courses, please visit list of courses offered by Geomatika UC. Let’s continue study with Geomatika University College!