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What is Broadcast Journalism? How can I pursue?

Broadcast journalism is the reporting of news using various different kinds of broadcast media like the TV, internet and the radio along with various aspects of traditional print (newspapers, magazines etc.) journalism. Broadcast journalism is a rapidly expanding field.

The world of broadcast journalism is a fast-paced one with news stories being delivered across various broadcast channels almost immediately after they are generated. The entire process involves using traditional journalism skills like interviewing members of the public, gleaning the facts of a news story and then adapting the content for television, radio or the internet which involves writing segments for the TV or radio, anchoring and recording those segments and then editing them before the broadcast. Sometimes such segments are broadcast live from the locations where events are occurring.

Broadcast Journalists have the same responsibilities to the public as traditional print journalists and the ethics of presenting unbiased facts regarding news stories remain very much the same. The responsibilities of broadcast journalists vary from role to role and can also depend on the media being used to disseminate news.

At Geomatika, we believe in ‘learning by doing’. A majority of our coursework involves actively going out into the field, uncovering news stories of interest and developing them under the guidance of our faculty and industry experts, thereby helping you hone your skills in real life situations so you are prepared right from the moment you graduate.

Geomatika offers Diploma in Broadcast Journalism programme, let’s register now to chase you dream to be a Broadcast journalism.

Written by:
Yugeetha Balan