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Geomatika Foundation - Geomatika

Yayasan Geomatika is a foundation established to help students or prospective students to further their studies in any of Geomatika Education Group’s institutions. It is governed under the Trustees (Incorporation) Act 1952, Act 258, with registration number PPAB-03/2013. Yayasan Geomatika has three (3) main objectives which are:

  • To give financial aids and assistance to unfortunate students or any other criteria agreed by “Lembaga Pemegang Amanah” to further their studies in any of Geomatika Education Group’s institutions,
  • To give financial aids and assistance to single mothers, persons with disability, and orphans, and
  • To give financial aids to victims of natural disasters.

Yayasan Geomatika is approved under subsection 44(6) which allows tax deduction for donors and funders. Thus, official receipt will be issued once donations/contributions are received.
LHDN No: LHDN.01/35/42/51/179-6.7785


Yayasan Geomatika envisions to be a dynamic foundation, recognized for its investment in its students in terms of its vitality and rich quality of life, and to be a model for innovative leadership and entrepreneurship.


  • Building permanent endowments
  • Providing leadership
  • Offering better quality of life for the students
  • Being a catalyst for social and entrepreneur vigor

Yayasan Initiatives

Carrying out outreach projects

The outreach projects can be in the form of gotong-royong, summer camps whereby representatives and students (volunteers) will attempt to rebuild or enhance the affected areas. This initiative is aimed to assist the poor, bedridden patients, disabled and single mothers and orphans.

Waqaf (Endowment) Scheme

The scheme is established to assist the poor/unfortunate students of Geomatika University College as well as to finance the infrastructure costs in providing better facilities to the students in terms of upgrading students hostel, providing a transport to ferry students from hostels to university, setting up students lounge, computer labs and enhacing the WIFI of the university among others.

Provide Consultancy

Offers consultancy to parents who have children with special needs and disabled. Since under Geomatika Education group has a faculty offering Childhood Education, thus it is evident that the lecturers are able to help the special needs children suffering from autism and behavior problems to be positive thinkers and emotionally stable. Thus, Yayasan Geomatika intends to seek the assistance of NGOs or any individuals who would wish to adopt the poor children in order to build their career.

Aid to Victims of Natural Disaster

Representatives and students(volunteers) will visit the specified area to assist the victims. By carrying out this activity, it will facilitate the victims of natural disaster into accepting the circumstances.


Donations will be given to the needy Malaysian students studying in any institutions under the Geomatika Group during festive seasons in the form of food, clothing or cash.


Rewards will be given to poor Malaysian students who achieved excellent examination results (Deans’ list recipients) on a semester basis. The rewards will be extended in cash.

Your generosity can help students pursue their dreams and be excellent.

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