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Bach Computer Science – Getting Network Access On The Windows Mobile Emulator

1. To enable network access, we need to first go to File –> Configure then to the Network tab while in the emulator.

2. Check the “Enable network ……………” but you may get the error below

3. If you do, that means you need to get a VM network driver, the URL to get Virtual PC 2007 is: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=46859. This is a free download too. It is 30mb.

4. Install it (you don’t even need to turn off your emulator)
5. Start up Windows Mobile Device Center

6. Go to Connection Settings and allow DMA.

7. Start up the Device Emulator from Visual Studio. Tools –> Device Emulator Manager

8. Cradle your device. I’ve already cradled mine.

9. Complete the first time connect screen on Windows Mobile Device Center.

10. Start browsing